Join Our Pop Up Market

Are you searching for a space / gallery to open a pop up store in Tokyo?
Are you wondering how to organize the store operation and search for staffs?

We support you opening a pop up store in Tokyo very easily.

Overview of the Market

Theme: “Creative Lifestyle”
Name of the market: “Hiroo Creative Lifestyle Pop Up Market powered by KOUSCH”
Brands of high-quality and sophisticated design products gather.
KOUSCH is our T-shirt label (Website).

We do not focus on “hand-made” or “artisan”, but we emphasize the quality and design of products.
The market will be held in Hiroo Tokyo, which is an exclusive residential area near to Roppongi and Ebisu.

If your brand wants to open its own pop up store in Tokyo or anywhere else in Japan, we can help that also.
Please feel free to contact us.

Date & Time

April 19th (Fri) – 24th (Wed)
May 22nd (Wed) – 27th (Mon)
July 3rd (Wed) – 8th (Mon)
August 28th (Wed) – September 2nd (Mon)


A gallery on Hiroo shopping street.
Hiroo is an exclusive residential area and also there are many hot spots to visit such as;
And the friet 
nuts tokyo
canvas tokyo
melting in the mouth

The shopping street is bustling with residents of the area, business person, and young women visiting hot spots.


Criteria to Join

  • Brands of high quality and sophisticated design (products, website, brand image, etc.)
  • Goods for high end customers
  • Professional attitude for selling and who is cooperative with other participants
  • Products of price above $10
  • Except T-shirt

* You can see other brands who participated past events below;

September 2018
July 2018
May 2018

We will examine your products and brand image if you would match the pop up market.
If you have real store or organizing pop up events in your country and if you can invite our brand there,
we prioritize your participation and will discount the fee.

We can also arrange your own pop up store, so please feel free to contact us.


At the market

  • Our staffs (1-2 people) sell products of all brands.
  • Please participate the market in the assigned slot of time if you come to Japan.
  • If you cannot come to Japan, we can sell your products by receiving goods / returning goods to/from overseas.
  • We assign a place and a shelf / table / rack based on your application.



There are multiple types of spaces and the fee depends on the type of the space and number of days you participate.
It is from around $50 per day + 12% sales fee + support fee (eg. receiving goods / returning goods to/from overseas).
Payment can be done with credit card or PayPal.
The sales amount minus sales fee will be paid to you by our credit card or PayPal.


Contact Us

Where your main office is based
Where your main office is based
If you have real shops, please list places.